Bathroom Shower Screen 0900 x 900mm Sliding Door – 6mm Glass

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This stylish sliding double-door shower enclosure will bring elegance and utility to any bathroom! 

This eye-catching sliding double-door shower enclosure features 6mm quality safety glass and is as functional as it is beautiful. This chic shower door is a sleek addition to any bathroom or renovation. Its 16-wheel system makes opening and closing the door quiet and effortless. Cleaning and maintenance is a snap with the enclosure’s quick-release door.

This lovely sliding double-door is sturdy and durable and is waterproof guaranteed. Its frame features magnetic seals and high-quality chrome handles, is made from polished chrome. There are no worries about rust – the hardware that comes with the door is high-quality stainless steel. An on-line installation guide is available with the click of your mouse. The accompanying side panel features a universal fitting that allows for right or left-hand installation with an 18mm out of true wall adjustment. 

Della Francesca takes pride in manufacturing only the highest quality shower screens that are designed to not only be a focal point of your bathroom but also retain their appeal and functionality over many years of family living. 

Update your bathroom today! This stylish sliding double-door shower enclosure will elevate your bathroom to a whole new level.


* Inner Nano Coated Glass 
* High quality aluminium profiles with a chrome finish
* Quick release rollers, easy to clean
* Flat watertight seals on fixed panels and sliding doors
* High quality stainless steel bar handles
* Extra wide chrome aluminium frame to build a strong and steady structure
* A dedicated metal profile connected to wall profile to create a stronger structure
* Reversible glass panels: they can be fitted on the LEFT or on the RIGHT hand side
* 20mm adjustment 


* Double-Sliding Door: 900 x 900mm x 1900 
* 6mm clear AS/NZS 2208 TEMPERED GLASS
* 304 stainless steel handle
* Double metal wheels with bottom wheel spring
* Shinning Aluminum profile
* 16 metal wheels system for smooth sliding, long lasting and anti-rust

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1 x 900 X 900 Sliding Door Nano Safety Glass Shower Screen By Della Francesca

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